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29.05.2003 The final version of the "Alfa 164 Buyers Guide" is online:
Advisor - Car purchase
10.05.2003 We translated a lot of stuff from the German version:
Advisor - all categories
20.04.2003 We redesigned the gallery. And we have some new pictures of the Kamal and Spider/GTV Facelift online
Gallery - New Gallery
10.04.2003 The appointment pad 2003 with the most of Alfa Romeo events of Europe is online - Meeting Point - Appointment pad
26.01.2003 ooops the time is running :( Now we can present the translation of the "Youngtimer Trophy" Bertone
Motorsport - Cars- Bertone
20.10.2002 The European Touring Car- Champions 2002 (FIA-ETCC) are Fabrizio Giovanardi and the Alfa Romeo GTA Racing Team Nordauto. The European Championship, which was decided for the first time after the new 'Super 2000' regulations was clearly dominated by the 'Reds' from Cremona, who achieved 13 victories in 20 races. Photo under Motorsport
13.10.2002 We translated the first part of the modelcar categorie :)
Please open the categorie in the main navigation menue.
More will follow soon. If you understand also german please surf at the german area.
12.10.2002 More very beautiful pictures of the Alfa 147 GTA
Alfisti-Gallery - 147 GTA
09.10.2002 Alfa Romeo presents the new 1.9 JTD 16V Multijet-System.
08.10.2002 Pictures of the passtour 2002 throug the alpes
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08.10.2002 Picturegelerie of the Event 2002 at Novitec
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24.09.2002 The first official pictures of the 147 GTA
Alfisti-Galerie - 147 GTA
05.08.2002 Motorsport - Personality - Monica Sipzs
02.05.2002 Pictures of the Alfa Romeo Brera!
Model history - Prototypes - Brera
24.03.2002 New category - Motorsport - Personality with a first story about Nicola Larini
24.03.2002 Calendar 2002
18.03.2002 onlineshop bugfixes :-)
15.03.2002 New pictures of the Alfa Romeo Brera study from Italdesign:
Model history - Prototypes - Alfa Romeo Brera
03.03.2001 Piazza is online - Our old part-market is dead.
21.10.2001 Fab Giovanardi and the Nordauto Team are European Champions ! More under Motorsport
27.09.2001 New pictures from the 156 GTA under:
Alfisti-Gallery - 156
26.09.2001 A report about our first
Magazine - Events - 1.
27.08.2001 The new forum ist online:
Meeting-point - Alfa Forum
19.06.2001 New category and pictures:
Alfisti-Galerie - Motorsport
16.06.2001 The first official Alfa 156 GTA pictures:
Alfisti-Galerie - 156
14.06.2001 New category:
Motorsport in the root directory
21.04.2001 New category:
Service - Wallpaper
09.04.2001 Appointment-pad update:
Meeting-place - Appointment-pad 2001
04.04.2001 Registerupdate:
Meeting-place - Register - Alfa 166 register and user register
27.03.2001 New pictures under:
Model history - more Alfa´s
27.03.2001 New category:
16.03.2001 Believe it or not, the Vertigo story is translated:
Magazine - Alfa-Motorsport - Vertigo - the little bit different Alfa Romeo
15.03.2001 New category :-) The DTC can start:
Magazine - Alfa-Motorsport - Motorsportnews
23.02.2001 The ultimate Alfa 164 buyers guide:
Advicer - Car purchase - Buyers guide Alfa Romeo 164
16.02.2001 A new motorsport article:
Magazine - Alfa-Motorsport - FIA ETCC-A championship is ready for take-off
01.02.2001 New Alfa 147 pictures:
Tuning & Styling - Alfa 147
30.01.2001 New category with many old pictures:
Magazine - History
29.01.2001 Tuning & Styling translation update and new pictures under:
Tuning & Styling - Youngtimer, 156, GTV/Spider, 147
28.01.2001 Alfisti-Gallery translation update and new pictures under:
Alisti-Gallery - Giulia
27.01.2001 New translation:
Magazine - Motorsport - Alfa 164 ProCar
10.01.2001 Update in the Tuning & Styling section:
33, 164 and 145/146
10.01.2001 Update in the Alfisti-Gallery:
Giulia, Alfetta, 145, 146 and 156
08.01.2001 Very nice Pictures under:
Impression - 156
05.01.2001 A new motorsport story:
Magazine - Alfa-Motorsport - Alfa 147 SuperProduzione
04.01.2001 Registerupdate:
Meeting-place - Register - User Register
03.01.2001 Layout update
12.12.2000 A new motorsport story and wonderfull pictures under:
Magazine - Alfa-Motorsport - Enzo Coloni´s The Power-Package
18.11.2000 A new motorsport story under:
Magazine - Alfa-Motorsport - Alfa 164 ProCar - The story of a unique racing car
12.11.2000 New pictures under:
Alfisti-Gallery - 147
11.11.2000 New category incl. Alfa 147 pictures under:
Tuning & Styling - 147
11.11.2000 A complete history of Alfa Romeo prototypes from Italdesign:
Model history - Prototypes - Italdesign
11.11.2000 A new tuning-service:
Service - wheel-data-calculator
10.11.2000 The big update :-) look under:
Magazine - Motorsport, Clubs, Tuning and Events.
29.10.2000 We present the new Forum-Board: Meeting-place - Forum-Board
16.09.2000 The chat-line is open: Meeting-place - Chat
16.09.2000 New pics under:
Alfisti-Gallery - Bertone
16.09.2000 More new pics are to be found under:
Tuning & Styling - 155
Gallery - 33
Gallery - 156
29.07.2000 We have a new member to the team :-) Tom will look after the Dutch version. He will have help in the shape of Arjan. More info under:
Meeting-place - The Team
25.07.2000 Renato has a new page design:
25.07.2000 New page from Alfa Romeo:
25.07.2000 The Alfaclub e.V. are to allow us the presentation of in the Alfa tent at the OGP :-) So, we will be there on Saturday & Sunday with a computer (offline). We hope that we will be able to meet with many of our fellow Alfistis, from all over and hope for a good feedback.
22.06.2000 New category and pics under:
Impression - In action
20.06.2000 New category and pics under:
Alfisti-Gallery - Motors
18.06.2000 The english version is online :-)) If You find bugs mail to
30.05.2000 The english beta-version is available :-)) If You find bugs mail to
17.05.2000 We've changed the background a little. Should you find any errors mail us please at:
17.05.2000 The server was off-line for 10 mins. around 23.50 because of a technical change.
12.05.2000 New history details under:
Model history - 1910 to 1929
10.05.2000 We've even got HIM, the new Alfa Romeo 147 under:
Alfisti-Gallery - 147
10.05.2000 Three new national links have joined us.
10.05.2000 The Alfisti-Gallery is now open, we've got photo's of the GTV6. Renato was so kind to send us the picture:-)
10.05.2000 We've got a banner! If you want to link with another banner well you have our blessings, you'll find it under:
Links - Startframe > You can copy this banner!!!
09.05.2000 Mailing list is finished. You can now get all the newest info per mail from Just enter this page (above).
09.05.2000 New Spider pictures under:
Tuning & Styling - Spider/GTV
08.05.2000 Chris and Chris P. have collected quite a few pictures from prototypes, when enough material is together then we'll present it under:
Model history - Prototypes.
If any of you should have any material for us please send it to Thanks!
08.05.2000 By popular demand we've decided to open a gallery:
All you've got to do is send us some pictures;-)
06.05.2000 we've got HIM, the new 156 Sport Wagon under:
Tuning & Styling - 156
05.05.2000 We've had the first 1000 visitors to our page. MANY THANKS to all of you :-)
05.05.2000 UUUUUPS, we forgot to substitute the Dummy data for the real service data. Mistake erased! should run perfect now.
05.05.2000 New categories and data under:
Service - Other data - Alfa 164 data
04.05.2000 New report about a tuned-up 145 under:
Magazine - Tuning
03.05.2000 New report about the Alfaclub e.V. under:
Magazine - Alfa-Clubs
01.05.2000 First problems around 22.15. Memory went overboard, the 20MB were not enough :-( just as the navigationsframe was being changed because the SiteSearch was being replaced. The search function is now out of action.
01.05.2000 Opening: Now it can really get going!
30.04.2000 Update Tuning & Styling
29.04.2000 Update Shops
26.04.2000 Update Java Script Car market
18.04.2000 Model history & details 1910-1957
15.04.2000 Update Tuning & Styling 75
13.04.2000 Testing new Server-Hardware